Ned Jacob Workshop was a Great Opportunity!

Boy, did I learn a lot with Ned Jacob!

Ned Jacob Demo
Ned Jacob Demo

The workshop was designed to have students working plein air on paintings and drawing of horses... of which I know very little!  Added to my limited experience and knowledge of horses, the weather was cold and wet... adding to the challenge.  The interesting part to me, however, was that I was forced to look at subtleties due to the lack of light and shadow.  Without a 6 day workshop scheduled, it would have been difficult for me to follow through with all of the challenges.  I am so grateful for the experience!

Ned was adamant about getting long lines and proportions set right away.  I honestly could have spent the entire week just working on this!  To watch him work was like seeing magic performed before your eyes.  (By the way, the horse model is in the shed while Ned is sketching - we shared time out of the rain!)  It was so inspirational!

We had live horse models all week which was fantastic.  Special thanks are in order for Susie and Kathy for bringing in and managing the horses - as well as to Ned, who taught me so very much!