Taking on Challenge

Rather than avoiding the saturated green that is EVERYWHERE at this time of the year, I decided to go for it and do a study in green.  This is easier said than done!

Kiss of Spring
Kiss of Spring


This view is directly out of my east windows.  I choose it so that I could work plein air, but be able to return to it throughout the variety of weather that June brings us here in the Tetons.  The composition is fairly complicated, but I wanted the challenge to include both space as well as a large variety of greens and textures... I think that I met my match!!!

As you can see by the layout, I wanted to play on the diagonals of the view.  I have started laying in color at the point that I want to emphasize.  Most of the greens were under painted in a variety of oranges and red violets.

Overall, I am pleased with 'Kiss of Spring', although I still find myself getting more detailed than I want to be when using pastels.  I left the foreground more impressionistic so that the focus would be more on the willow in the top right hand of the image.

There are so many things to consider and keep track of in a work of art... the challenge is always there!