Summer Evenings Are Fading Into Fall

This morning I woke to a dusting of snow all around us.  It made me happy that I had been out painting in the field while the summer heat lasted.

End of Summer
End of Summer


I painted 'End of Summer' plein air one evening last week.  Much to my delight, as I was painting, I heard a voice over my should asking me what I was doing.  It was a 4th grade boy, Michael, on his bike cruisin' the neighborhood where I was painting.  He spent an hour visiting with me while I painted.  I was surprised how my focus stayed with me as we visited and I painted.  A lot of our conversation was about painting and what I think about... I did a lot of thinking out loud...

At any rate, I felt that my color relationships worked well on this piece.  It must have been Michael's input - when I explained that I was trying to mix the color of the light on the phone pole, he spoke up quickly...'Why, that is maple syrup, for sure.'  By George... he was right!  ;).

Life is full of unexpected treasures!

'End of Summer' is painted in oil.  It is 12" x 12".