My Pastels Came Out of Hiding!

I have spent the last couple of years working primarily in oil paints as a means to get more comfortable with them.  My new passion is for mixing color and playing with the intensity of those colors.  I have learned an immense amount and am thrilled that I have stuck with it for a great majority of my last few years. 

 I find that personal mark making gives me, as an artist and viewer, sensation of the artist's movement, which I find intriguing.  Art that is full of layers and marks seems to have endless appeal to me.  Developing this layering and mark making in oils is on my list of goals.  I am excited to explore these concepts and techniques.  

However, as fall approached, I found myself craving the textures and 'brushy' quality that I have always loved using pastels for.  My pastels were calling me!  It took a bit of effort to change out the supplies in my truck and make sure that I had all that I needed... but I was primed!    

Fall Color Study     Pastel     21x22

Fall Color Study     Pastel     21x22

I worked on sanded paper 21x22 as I have traditionally done and had a blast!  There were plenty of trees full of color, but I was seeking a scene that was more 'scrubby' and textured.  

I have not touched this pastel since I was in the field.  I am pleased with the spontaneity of it and want to be judicious in changing the marks and affecting the energy that it has.  I find it difficult to not 'overwork' while in the field and diminish some of the marks and energy.

My plan is to develop some of this style while working in oils.  The challenge is endless!