'Shift Change' is finished

I have forgotten how different studio work is compared to being in the field and working plein air.  There is plenty of time for over thinking.  Discipline is definitely called for. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this piece.  It has allowed me opportunity to recall the adventure of standing over these massive engines as they start their journey westward.  As I mentioned on an earlier post, the catwalk over the Green River, Wyoming train yard is an experience to not miss.

Shift Change
Shift Change


I love the idea that this environment is status quo for these men.  Whether they are heading to work or heading home, this is their familiar ground.  What a diverse world we live in!

While waiting for the snow to stop so that I can get back out in the field, I may have to return to the subject of trains!

This piece is done with soft pastel on Wallis paper.  It is 171/2"x23".