Another Painting from Maynard Dixon Country

This little house in Mount Carmel screams to be painted in the morning light!  The warmth that is reflected in the porch area is nothing short of striking.  Between that and the shadows on the street in front, I was captured!

Reflected Warmth 

Reflected Warmth 


I have spent the summer striving to keep on task with simplicity of subject and color relationships in order to clarify form to it's purest.  This was a great subject matter for me to attempt.

The trees behind the house quickly defined the space and value scale for me - I was pleased.

Of all funny things, I had the most difficulty with the shaded area of the porch, wanting to redefine my drawing repeatedly... it took a fair bit of talking to myself to get it all figured out!

I am thrilled with the reflected light that I got on the porch and find that I am still drawn to that warmth... I think that is a good sign!

'Reflected Warmth' is painted in oil.  It is 12x12".